1 Shore Thing the Diaries of Mary-Kate and Ashley

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Shore Thing the Diaries of Mary-Kate and Ashley

Written by Judy Katschke

Reviewed by B. B. (age 9)

Shore Thing the Diaries of Mary-Kate and Ashley

Shore Thing the Diaries of Mary-Kate and Ashley is about Mary-Kate and Ashley going on a summer school trip to an island off the coast of Florida called the Keys. They go to a boarding school called White Oak Academy. Their school has summer trips. Theygo to camp where they get involved with marine life activities.

In the middle, Ashley has a boyfriend named Ross, but she has a secret crush on a boy named Devon. Mary-Kate reads a scary book and needs a little convincing to do the activities.

In the end, there is a canoeing race and something bad happens to Mary-Kate. Will Mary-Kate ever solve her problems? Will Ashley be Ross's or Devon's? Will Mary - Kate ever get over her fears? Find out in Shore Thing the Diaries of Mary - Kate and Ashley.

I liked my book because there were funny parts. Also, you feel suspense in some parts. The book was weird at times. For example Ashley went overboard on a boat that was also funny. My favorite part was when they had the moonlight party on the beach and someone got stung by a jelly fish. I liked that part because it made me feel excited and it made me want to keep turning the pages and find out more. The characters in my story were interesting. One of the characters that interested me most was Phoebe. She was interesting because she liked vintage clothing and movies. The unique thing about my book was that it was written like it was a diary and that is unique to me.

I recommend this book to people who like funny, suspense, and weird as well as interesting stories. It is interesting because there are some parts where you want to keep going and going. The story is weird because in the hotel dining room there is a parrot that blabs everyone's secrets.