1 Hello, Cat You Need a Hat

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Hello, Cat You Need a Hat

Written by Rita Golden Gelman

Illustrated by Eric Gurney

Reviewed by R.A. (age 6)

Hello, Cat You Need a Hat

First, the mouse came to the cat and said, "Hello cat." When the mouse went to the cat he said, "You need a hat." The cat did not think he needed a hat. Another thing the mouse told the cat is that the cat's head is bare. Finally, the cat did not get a hat.

I loved this book very much because I loved when the mouse said, "You need a hat." This book reminds me when my mom tells me to get a hat. My other favorite part is when the cat says, "No, I don't want one." When I read this book, it makes me think about hats.

I will recommend this book to my cousins. They like to wear hats, so I think they will like reading this book.