1 Dinosaur's Cold

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Dinosaur's Cold

Written by Carol Krueger

Illustrated by Jan VanDerVoo

Reviewed by M.C. (age 7)

Dinosaur's Cold

When the dinosaur had woke up he had a cold. He said I have no lemon and then he walked out the door. When he got to the store, he had met Penny, Pam, and her brother Sam. It was the end of the week. The dinosaur felt much better. Then he mailed a letter, but the people got the cold.

This book is perfect. My favorite part is that the dinosaur had a cold. I think the story was funny because the people all got sick. This is my favorite story in the world because at the end everyone sneezes. The book makes me feel glad because the dinosaur got better at the end of the story. I felt sad that the other people got sick.

I want my mom to read this book. I'm sure my mom would like the whole book, but she would really like the part when everyone sneezes.