1 Arthur's Pet Business

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Arthur's Pet Business

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Eliass M. (age 7)

Arthur's Pet Business

This book is about a boy named Arthur who wants a puppy. His parents say he can have one if he can show he is responsible. Arthur decides to start his own Pet Business. He takes care of all kinds of pets. Then he loses one of the pets he is watching. Read this book if you want to know what happens next.

I liked this book because I like reading about all of the things Arthur has to do to take care of other people's pets. I also like books by Marc Brown. I really like the Arthur books because I think they are funny how Arthur's sister D.W. is always bothering him. I also like this book because it tells you what you need to do to take care of all kinds of pets.

I recommend this book because it is entertaining and educational. It is entertaining because of all the things that Arthur has to do and the illustrations are colorful. It is educational because you learn how to take care of pets.