1 Pooh's Graduation

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Pooh's Graduation

Written by Isabel Gaines

Reviewed by A. V. (age 8)

Pooh's Graduation

In the book, Pooh's Graduation, by Isabel Gaines, Pooh is the main character. Pooh, Eyore, Owl, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin are having a graduation party.

In the beginning, everyone was playing together. Christopher Robin came and told everyone he graduated first grade. He showed everyone his diploma.

In the middle, they decided to have their own graduation party for everyone. They all got ready for the graduation party. Christopher Robin will give a diploma to everyone for what they do well. Pooh does not know what he is good at.

In the end, everyone got a diploma. Pooh realized what he was good at. Everyone was happy. They all had a fun time by the party.

What will Pooh get a diploma for? Read this book to find out!

It is a very good book because everyone works together with each other. This book is special because all the friends work together. If you want to read a happy book, you should read this book!

I liked this book because it had a good ending, and a good beginning. My favorite part was when Pooh got his diploma. It was my favorite part because it was very happy. I liked the illustrations in this book because they have bright colors.