1 The Big Halloween Scare

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The Big Halloween Scare

Written by Steven Banks

Illustrated by Heather Martinez

Reviewed by Timmy K. (age 7)

The Big Halloween Scare

Sponge Bob wants to scare eveyone at the party. He wants to be the Flying Dutchman, but he is square. Sponge Bob has Patrick make him round. He goes to the party as the Flying Dutchman, but doesn't scare anyone. The real Flying Dutchman takes off Sponge Bob's sheet and everyone runs away because all that is left of Sponge Bob are his brain, eyes, nose, mouth, and body. So he scares everyone.

My favorite part was when I got to see his brain because it was gross. Sponge Bob is my favorite character because he always does funny things. I like the pictures of Sponge Bob after his costume is off.

YOu should read this book because it's really funny and it will make you laugh when Sponge Bob scares everyone.