1 Dragons Don't Cook Pizza

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Dragons Don't Cook Pizza

Written by Debbie Dadey

Reviewed by Joseph C. (age 8)

Dragons Don't Cook Pizza

This book is about the Bailey School kids going to a pizza castle. There is a man dressed as a knight. The man dressed as a knight is really a pizza-making dragon. They see a sign on a door that says The Dragon's Lair. They didn't know the guy was a dragon. Then they knew the man was a dragon. They knew he was a dragon because they saw smoke coming from the door.

My favorite part of the book is when George chases Howie and when they see the sign on the door. At the end George makes pizza for the kids. I liked this book because George made yummy pizza.I liked this book because the kids go to a pizza castle. This book reminds me of me going to a pizza place.

I recommend this to all kinds of people because the illustrations are good.