1 Hugh Pine

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Hugh Pine

Written by Janwillem vandeWetering

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Breanna J. (age 10)

Hugh Pine

This book is about a little porcupine named Hugh Pine. He has a sense of humor and loves his tree. He makes a friend, called Mr.McTosh who helps him talk about why the other porcupines can't cross the road. Hugh Pine can cross the road to get to the other side without getting run over. The other porcupines are too afraid to cross the road. They need a way to solve their problem. How does Hugh Pine help the porcupines?

My favorite part in the book was when Hugh Pine went to talk to Mr. Mctosh about crossing the road. They looked like twins. "Same sort of face, whiskers and all. I never knew I looked like a porcupine." This book is special because a porcupine can talk and wear clothes and walk on hind legs like humans do. The illustrations are made of pencil and show nice detail. As I read the book I thought about little kids who are small, and look like porcupines. That makes me laugh.

I recommend this book to people who like stories about talented animals. Reading Hugh Pine is like a breath of fresh air that makes me relax and enjoy fun times.