1 hank the cowdog the case of the halloween goast

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hank the cowdog the case of the halloween goast

Written by john erickson

Illustrated by gerald l. holmes

Reviewed by Courtney L. (age 13)

hank the cowdog the case of the halloween goast

This book is about two dogs named Hank and Drover. They are out and about trying to figure out what a sound that is waking them up. The two dogs go over to a Slim?s house. To find out what happens at the end you?ll have to read the book. They had to go outside in the backyard to investigate the sounds. As they get closer to the woods they finally found out what the sound was it was two buzzards singing. So there is a lesson to be learned never get too curious about mysterious sounds, especially in the dark.

I think the book is really good and I really liked the book because it had to do with Halloween and two dogs, they were on a mysterious adventure in the woods. My favorite part in the book is when Hank got chased by the Trick or Treaters and he got scared. The reason this is my favorite part is because Hank is really funny and he is a scared dog. There is one character that changed in the book and it was Drover because he wasn?t scared any more. Yes, this is like any other book I?ve read because I?ve read other series and it is really interesting if you sit down and read the book.

Yes, I recommend this book for you to read and understand the book if you read from the first to the end. People who like to read the book will be interested in it and if you do not like to read you will be missing out on the best books to read. The story might interest readers that are in the age groups from 4th?6th Grade.