1 Blackhearts and Battersea

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Blackhearts and Battersea

Written by Joan Aiken

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Emma V. (age 10)

Black Hearts in Battersea is a great book. Simon, the main character, comes to 19th century London to meet Dr. Field, Simon's friend, and go to an excellent art school. When he gets there he doesn't find Dr. Field, but does find himself in the middle of a dangerous adventure, which includes kidnapping, poisoned pies, and a plot to overthrow King James, the Duke, and the Duchess of Battersea.

I thought the book was very good because Joan Aiken's words made a picture in my mind. Black Hearts in Battersea isn't part of a series, but it does include some of the same characters as Wolves of Willoughby Chase and others by Joan Aiken. I zipped through the book because I was anxious to find out what happened. It didn't have illustrations but it would have been cool if it did.

I recommend this book to people who appreciate good writing or who like mysteries and wild adventures. This book had many interesting characters and intriguing plots. It was an excellent book!