1 Trapped in Death Cave

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Trapped in Death Cave

Written by Bill Wallace

Reviewed by D'Quayvious H. (age 11)

This book is about two boys named Brian and Gary. They are trying to find out what happened to Grandpa. The boys search high and low for clues to Grandpa's death. They want to discover if he really died while he was fishing or if he died because someone killed him. You will have to read the book yourself to find out the truth in this mystery.

My favorite part of the book was when Brian was bit on his bottom by the poodle. This book is a lot like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because they are both mysteries and you just have to read on to see what in the world will happen next. My favorite character in the book was the old lady who helped them during the quest for the truth about Grandpa. The author used a lot of humor and descriptive writing which made the book even more interesting.

I recommend this book for ages nine and up. This book might interest readers that like mystery books and spy books.