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Written by Cynthia Felice

Reviewed by Deanna C. (age 12)

Weasel is about a man named Weasel and a man named Ezra. There is a boy whose name is Nathan, and his sister Molly. They call their father Pa. The family has two dogs: Duffy and Winston. They live on a farm in the wilderness with a horse named Job, a pig and a donkey. The story begins as the children find out that Ezra has saved Nathan and Molly?s father from a trap. The trap was set on purpose by an evil man: WEASEL. Nathan leaves Ezra?s and sets out alone to go and take care of their animals and bring back Job. When Nathan was out he was going to try to find Weasel with no weapon? just a large stick. I am not going to tell you about the end because you should read it yourself. I will only tell you that it was sad in the begining , scary in the middle, and amazing at the end! The author is trying to teach us that life is full of sadness, but life is full of good things too.

I loved this book because it was so interesting and exciting! My favorite part was near the end when Nathan went back again to get revenge on Weasel. Nathan grew up throughout this book from a little boy to a courageous young man. This is a very unique and special book because of the way the author wrote in such a suspenseful way. I hated to put the book down when the bell rang in school.

I would tell my friends that they should read this book because it is such a great mystery and historical fiction book. Books like this are always popular. I think kids, teenagers and even adults would enjoy it too. That is how good the book is!

Deanna C.
is a student in
The White Tigers