1 Goodnight, Mr.Tom

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Goodnight, Mr.Tom

Written by Michelle Magorian

Illustrated by Michelle Magorian

Reviewed by Kelsey M. (age 12)

Goodnight, Mr.Tom

Good Night Mr. Tom is about a little boy named Willie Beech whose mother abused him. Finally she sent him to a foster home. He ends up at Mr. Tom?s house. Willie forgets the hate and despair and he learns to love a world without daily beatings. He gets a letter saying that his mother is ill. He was sent back home to his mother. His mother does not like the way he has changed and beat him once more. To find out what happens to Willie read Good Night Mr. Tom.

I really enjoyed reading this book because if you think about it you can?t stop reading. It has a lot of interesting things in this book. My favorite part was the time when Willie sees thing for the first time. There is also when Willie hangs out with his friends because he didn?t have friends at his old house. Willie changed back and forth. First he was scared of the new home then the weeks went by he gets used to understanding the way things are done. Then when he was sent back home he became happier than ever. Once again his mother abused him and he grew sadder. I found Willie interesting by the way he acts. When a baby first sees things they don?t understand it. That is the way Willie saw it. My favorite character was Willie because I think he showed great character traits when he was growing up.

I recommend this book that loves to read books that they can relate to. They can also put themselves in the other person?s shoes. I think everyone who can read would love this book because they can put themselves in it.