1 Best Friends

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Best Friends

Written by Steven Kellogg

Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Reviewed by Cristal L. (age 10)

Best Friends

Do you have a best friend? Well Louise and Kathy are best friends. In the summer Louise went to a camp with her aunt and uncle. Kathy felt lonely because she had no other friends. Then a seventy-two year old man moved into a "for sale" house across the street. Kathy thought someone her age was going to move there but Kathy and Mr. Jode became friends. The lesson of this story is someone can have more than one friend. You must remember that you're not the only in someone's life.

I think the story is funny. My favorite part was when Mr.Jode's dog was having puppies. The puppies are cute. My favorite character was Louise because she is funny and smart. I liked the illustrations because they colorful.