1 Franklin's Class Trip

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Franklin's Class Trip

Written by Paulette Bourgeois

Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by Jack M. (age 8)

Franklin's Class Trip

The story was about a turtle named Franklin who went to the museum. Beaver said there are real dinosaurs in the museum. Franklin was scared because there were real dinosaurs. Then they sat down for lunch. Franklin and Snail wanted to stay in the cafeteria. Mr. Owl said, "Don't be silly!" They walked some more and then Franklin was looking into a Tyrannosaurs Rex's Mouth! He discovered that the dinosaur was just bones.

My favorite character in the book was Franklin. I think he was very funny because he thought the dinosaurs were real.

I liked the book. It had a lot of adventure. Franklin and his class started exploring the museum and they went into a bat cave.

My favorite part was when Franklin was looking into the mouth of Tyrannosaurus! Franklin was really scared. It was very exciting.

I would recommend the book to someone with a good imagination because Franklin thought there were real dinosaurs in the museum.