1 Polar Bears Past Bedtime

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Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Alex K. (age 8)

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

The Magic Tree House is a book of wonders. When Jack and Annie go to the Arctic they meet a seal hunter. The seal hunter gave Jack and Annie fur coats for warmth. Jack and Annie followed two cubs and they slide down a little hill and at the bottom of it was ice. The ice starts to crack. What do you think will happen, will they fall in or will they get saved?

This book reminds me of the other books in the series because they are all adventurous books. They are about what happens to Jack and Annie in famous places and different countries.

I think it is the best in the series because it has the most details. For example, it explains new words in the book. The author makes things sound like they could happen in real life, even though they can't. She makes it seem realistic.

I like Jack because he says "OK" a lot when Annie wants to do something. I like the way he takes notes. Jack doesn't always want to do things that Annie does. She keeps begging him and Jack says yes.

I liked the part when they get their coats because they were shivering. They were shivering because they were wearing their pajamas in the Artic. When they talked it sounded funny, because they were shaking and their teeth were chattering.

This is a good book for kids who like magic. This would be a good book for third graders.