1 The Big Fat Cat

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The Big Fat Cat

Written by Jack Kent

Illustrated by Jack Kent

Reviewed by Joey L. (age 8)

The Big Fat Cat

The story is about a little cat who lived with an old woman with a pot of gruel. She left to go to a neighbors and the cat ate the gruel and pot! After that the cat went out in town and ate everybody in town too! The problem was the cat ate everybody. What happened to all the people the cat swallowed? Read this book to find out about this cat.

I like this book a lot. It has been my favorite book since I was five. I think it was funny because the cat though he'd got away with eating everything.

My favorite part is when the cat tried to eat the woodcutter, because the woodcutter saved everyone's life.

My favorite character was the cat. I liked the cat the best because he kept eating and eating and eating until he was huge!

I recommend this book to kids in first through third grade. They will really like it because it is funny.