1 Dealing With Dragons

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Dealing With Dragons

Written by Patricia Wrede

Reviewed by Eliza G. (age 8)

Dealing With Dragons

This book is about a princess, her name is Cimorene, she doesn't like being proper so she runs away. She follows a path; it leads her to a dragon's cave. The dragons decide that a dragon named Kazul will keep her. Cimorene has a good time. Then she meets a wizard. The wizard is sly and she has to act stupid, then he goes away. She meets another princess and they like each other, they make a fireproof spell so when a dragon breathes on them it will not hurt them. They go get some plants for the spell. When they get the plants they see a wizard. He is picking purple plants. Cimorene takes some of the purple plants home, its dragon's bane which can kill dragons. Read the book to find out what happens to Kazul.

My favorite part is when Cimorene and Kazul move to a new home. I like this part because Cimorene is good at work.

I like the characters Cirmorene, Kazul, Alianona, the stone prince and Morwen. I liked them because they were all good, not evil.

This book is unique because it's about a princess, but it's not a fairy tale at all. Because in fairy tales the princesses want to be proper, but Cimorene doesn't like being proper!

I think the part when Cimorene melts a wizard is one of the really good parts because wizards are evil and she now knows how to melt them with soap suds!

I recommend this book to second to fourth grade students. I think they will like the mystery and the adventures.