1 After the Dancing Days

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After the Dancing Days

Written by margeret Rostkowski

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Taylor O. (age 12)

After the Dancing Days

After the Dancing Days is about a girl named Annie who encounters an injured young soldier. Little did she know that meeting the soldier would change her ideas and help her discover how her uncle really died. To find out what she discovers you?ll have to read this book.

I loved this book because it was incredibly interesting. It made me think about soldiers and their families. My favorite part was when Timothy left because he got better. I felt sad when I read this book because there were some distressing events that occurred in this story. Andrew changed throughout the story because in the beginning he was mean and at the end he becomes nice.

I strongly recommend this book. This particular book wouldn?t appeal to the sensibilities of those belonging to the male gender. However this book would attract girls in sixth through eighth grade. I think that people will really enjoy this book because it gives you insight on after the war and how the families deal with it.