1 Martin, the Warrior

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Martin, the Warrior

Written by Brian Jacques

Reviewed by Brendan B. (age 8)

Martin, the Warrior

Martin the Warrior is a book about a mouse who has been a slave most of his life. His name is Martin. The place he is enslaved is called Marshank. Marshank is ruled by Badrang the Tyrant. This book connects to all the other Redwall books except Lord Brocktree.

The main ideas in this book are first that Martin escapes from Marshank and second, that Martin gathers an army to defeat Badrang's evil forces so that the land can live in peace. Read this book to find out what happens.

This is my favorite Redwall book because it is about the famous Martin the Warrior. He is my favorite character in the series. Martin is my favorite character because he is hopeful, kind and peaceful.

This book is like most of the rest of the Redwall series because all of the books have talking animals. Also, in the battles it's always the same kind of animals on one side and the same kind of animals on the other side.

The unique thing about this book is that it connects with all the other books (except Lord Brocktree) because Martin the Warrior is worshipped by the animals that live in Redwall Abbey because he helped free the land and built the abbey.

I recommend this book for people who like action, suspense, happiness, anger and sadness. I think readers in third to sixth grade would like this book.