1 Keeper of the Night

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Keeper of the Night

Written by Kimberly Holt

Reviewed by Jasmine W. (age 12)

Keeper of the Night

Kimberly Willis Holt has written a beautiful story, set on the island of Guam, about a girl named Isabel. She struggles to keep her family together, without her mother?s death tearing them apart. Now her little sister wets her bed every night when recalling the incident. Not only that, but she has problems of her own, such as making up lies just to fit in. Until finally something happened that would change her life forever. Will the truth about her mother finally be spoken?

I really like this book because surprises pop up when you don?t suspect it. My favorite character is Isabel. I really found out that Isabel is very interesting. She goes through so much and still comes home with a happy face because she knows that she has to take care of her family. I think this book is unique because it?s not like any of the other books I have read. It has such a sad tone to it. I really felt bad for Isabel. It made me wonder if people really do go through stuff like that. But it is also a good and fun book to read? Like when Isabel? oops! I guess you just have to the book yourself. The author does an excellent job of describing by using plenty of details so that the reader can make a picture in their mind.

I recommend this book for 6th through 8th grade girls to read. It really makes you appreciate what you have.