1 Mommy Doesn't Know My Name

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Mommy Doesn't Know My Name

Written by Suzanne Williams

Illustrated by Andrew Shachat

Reviewed by Joseph S. (age 7)

The story is about a little girl named Hannah. One day Hannah was sleeping. Her mom woke her up and said "Is that my little chickadee?" Then the girl says "I'm not a chickadee. I'm Hannah!" Then her mom called her a pumpkin. She shouted "I'm not a pumpkin I'm Hannah!" After that her mom called her another name. She called her alligator. Hannah yelled, "I'm not an alligator!" Then Hannah's mom called her some other names like a little devil, a monster, and a funny little monkey.

I think this is a good book because sometimes your mom loves you and when she calls you a name she is not calling you that because she hates you. She is saying that because she loves you. My favorite part was when her mom called Hannah a little devil. It reminds me of when my mom called me a pumpkin.

I think everyone should read this book because this book can help you remember your mom and it can show you that your mom loves you.