1 Regular Guy

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Regular Guy

Written by Sarah Weeks

Illustrated by Michael Kodsch

Reviewed by Thea G. (age 11)

Regular Guy

In this story, Guy, the main character, has abnormal parents. They are way different from him, and he is convinced that he was switched at birth with a classmate whose parents seem more normal like Guy. Guy and his friend are curious so they do everything they can to find out whose parent is Guy?s parent. You will never guess what happens at the end.

I thought this book was funny and very entertaining. I loved it because the characters were hysterical and so were their actions. They made the story light up. My favorite part in the story is when Guy?s parents were throwing a party and Guy invited Bob-o (The person who he thinks got switched with him) and Bob-o had his finger up his nose and Guy said ?DON?T PICK YOUR NOSE IN MY ROOM,? and then Bob-o slowly removed his finger. This book made me think I was in it. It made me laugh in some parts or it just kept me wanting to know what will happen next. My favorite character was Bob-o because of the way he acted.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes funny and exciting books because this book is great and hysterical. A reader who would like this book is one that is into funny, gross, happy, and entertaining books. The characters are what will interest you, because they are not like the other ones that you have read in books. These are like real people who love to have fun in their lives.