1 Come Home, Barkley

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Come Home, Barkley

Written by Marilyn Anderson

Illustrated by Joe Krush

Reviewed by Kolton K. (age 9)

Come Home, Barkley

Come Home, Barkley is about a Shih Tzu mix dog that ran away from an airport a few days from home. His tags got caught in a burr-bush and broke off. He has been looking for his graceful owner, Jamie. Ever since he escaped the airport he has been lost, scared, and alone. He walked everywhere, but Jamie was nowhere to be found. What will happen to poor Barkley?

My opinion on this book is a 100% vote because I enjoy reading stories about dogs. The story is sad because the puppy almost gets eaten by a pack of dogs. It reminds me of when my dog, Ginger, ran away from home. As you read the book, you feel like you know Barkley really well - almost like you are Barkley. My favorite character is Barkley because He saves the life of a girl. In this story, the dad changes. He starts out not liking the dog and ends up liking him.

I recommend this book to dog lovers like me. This book is a great book for all ages.