1 Pokemon Let it Snow !

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Pokemon Let it Snow !

Written by Tracey West

Illustrated by Tracey West

Reviewed by Douglas K. (age 8)

Pokemon Let it Snow !

First Ash and his friends along with their Pokeman look for Articuno, a rare bird Pokemon. They find Tiggly Puff who is frozen in ice so Cyndaquil melts the ice and set Jiggly Puff free ! Articuno is on top of Snow Top Peak so Ash and his friend climb Snow Top Peak. Team Racket is trying to catch Articuno too and their Pokemon fight Articuno. Ash and Todd fall off a cliff but Articuno caves them. Articuno wins the battle against Team Rocket and Todd gets to take Articuno?s picture.

I like when Team Rocket gets zapped because it is funny. My favorite character is Ash because he has a good Pokemon. I fight with my brother sometimes like they battle in the story. The story has pictures. It helps me by showing what the writing says.

I would like people to read it because it has action.