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Written by Paul Zindel

Reviewed by Dylan T. (age 11)

In the book RATS many interesting and nasty things happen. Two kids named Michael and Sarah are out to save the world from being taken over by rats. In the beginning, a guy named Leroy is at the dump and drinking and shooting rats with a be-be gun. He saw more rats coming out so he got out of his bulldozer to shoot them and he started shooting and shooting more of them. They circled him and start crawling up his legs and got all over his body and ???..

My favorite part of the book was in the beginning. A kid is getting potty trained and all these rats start running up the toilet. If you really like books with blood you found the right one. One of the people reminds me of one of my friend Shane C. The person that he reminds me of is the girl Sarah because they are both smart and always have a plan to go after. I liked Michael because he really was always worried but at the end he isn?t scared any more. One unique thing about the book is that the rats are similar to cats and dogs because they are trying to take over the world and have a life of their own. When I read this book I was feeling tense because I was wondering what?s going to happen next.

I don?t recommend this book to anyone under the age of 10 because it is very gross. I think people that like action and blood should read this book. I think people would like the fact that little rats are trying to take over the whole world even though there are like billions of them. That is why I think the book is very interesting and that is why I think you should read it.

Dylan T.
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