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Written by Paul Zindel

Reviewed by Devan K. (age 12)

The book Rats has many disgusting sections. The book begins with a guy named Leroy Sabiesiak who worked in a junkyard. He would shoot rats with his be-be gun. At 7:05 A.M. he was bulldozing and he stepped out of the bulldozer. He was having a great day, ?bing? one rat dead, ?bing? another. He had almost fifty dead, but, the more he shot the more they kept coming at him. Eventually there where at least two hundred rats circling him. He started running to his bulldozer then????.

I liked this book a lot because people give rats a bad rap, but they?re actually pretty cool mammals. They are cool because they are rodents that can grow to be over two feet long. I would recommend this book only to someone with a strong stomach because it is gross. There are parts in the book where people die violently. My favorite part of Rats is when the rats circle the guy and then kill him. There are no illustrations in Rats, so, if you are a kid who likes to only look at pictures this is not a book for you. When I was reading this book I was calm, cool, and collect because I didn?t get grossed out easily.

I recommend this book only to someone who can stand blood, rats, and heads getting blown up. A boy would mainly like this book because the two girls in my class who read it didn?t like the book. The rats in the story are not real. It is just a made-up book but quite entertaining.

Devan K.
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