1 I want to be an Astronaut

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I want to be an Astronaut

Written by Byron Barton

Reviewed by D.G. (age 5)

I want to be an Astronaut

Byron Barton wants to be an Astronaut. As a member of the crew, he wants to fly on the shuttle. He also wants to put on a spacesuit and walk around in space. He wants to fix a satellite and build a factory in orbit. After awhile he wants to visit outer space.

I liked this book because the space rocket goes into the sky. My favorite part was when he put the space suit on because he had a flag on his suit. I want to be an astronaut that is why I like this book.

My mom should read this book to me because she is a good reader and would like it. Anyone who likes outer space should read this book.

(This review was dictated to Ms. Finucane)