1 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Written by Mildred D. Taylor

Reviewed by Jacob S. (age 12)

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is a novel that tells part of the Logan children?s lives. In the beginning of the story the Logan children get splashed, and made fun of by Caucasian children on the bus to Jefferson Davis School, just because they are African- Americans. Also while they are at Great Faith Elementary School later on they get digging utensils to dig a hole in the center of the road, and the Jefferson Davis school bus drives into it. Then the Logan?s think a group of Caucasian people are going to burn down their house, so Cassie?s Grandmother gets a shotgun. I think the lesson taught in this story is prejudice against a different skin color is wrong.

My opinion on Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is it is one of the best books I have ever read. I think that because it is very exciting, and entertaining. Also my favorite part of this book is when the bus to Jefferson Davis goes into a ditch. I liked that part because it is suspenseful, and shocking that the Logan kids would do that. The character in this story that I thought was interesting is T.J., because he thinks he is friends with the Logans ,but then he turns on them for no reason and hangs out with two kids that make fun of him. One character that reminded me of myself was Cassie, she reminded me of myself because she stood up for herself and her family. This book is like other books by the same author because it is about the Logan family, like in Mississippi Bridge.

I recommend this book to an audience older than ten, because a younger audience wouldn?t understand it. Also a younger audience might not be able to stand the death of a character. Another reason why I recommend this book to people age ten and up because only that audience would really enjoy this book. One part in this story that might interest readers is when Stacey gets in trouble because of T.J. and chases him down. What happens later on in the book? Well it looks like you?ll have to read it to find out.

Jacob S.
is a student in
The Green Tigers