1 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Written by Mildred D. Taylor

Reviewed by Mora G. (age 11)

In the book Role of Thunder, Hear My Cry, there are four fantastic characters named Little Man, Cassie, Stacy and Christopher-John. This book is about African Americans (black people). Every day they have to walk to school and the bus with the white kids in it zooms by splashing mounds of mud all over them. As the bus passes, the white kids laugh in amusement. Then one day Cassie and every one else decided it was time to get revenge. They decided to dig a monstrous hole right in the middle of the road. Then, when it rains it fills up and makes a mud pit. When the bus rode by, the bus driver decided to take a dare. He rode write through it! The bus got stuck and all the kids had to walk home! SCORE, just what Cassie and the other three wanted. A few days later, they were walking to school and T.J (their friend) pulled out the answers to the test questions to school! Stacy took them, ripped them up and through them in the mud. Later Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher-John were waiting for Stacy. His friend plodded out and said Stacy got whipped for being accused of cheating on the test, but Stacy? Was it him? Or was it T.J? To find out you?re just going to have to read it to find out!

I highly recommend this book. I recommend this book for almost all ages. This was a wonderful book. When I first started to read this book I almost immediately knew that I would love this book. I thought that this book would take a really long time to read, but since I loved it so much I read it really fast. I thought the author was really awesome and creative if she was able to come up with such an awesome book! I adored this book so much that it is on my number one list!!! My most favorite part was the part with the mud. I thought that was a great idea because it got revenge and that the kids were smart enough to do it but, I wouldn?t want anyone to get hurt. I think Cassie was my favorite character. She was very courageous. I think Cassie reminded me of myself the most. She was smart and knew enough to stay out of trouble for the most part.

Any reader that likes books that you can?t put down, are mysterious, sad, and wild, you will love, love, love this book! This story would probably interest you because of the awesome characters. The character?s in this story {Cassie, Little Man, Stacy, and Christopher-John} sound very realistic. They act like any fifth grader would.

Mora G.
is a student in
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