1 Summer of Riley

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Summer of Riley

Written by Eve Bunting

Reviewed by Shane C. (age 12)

This novel is full of excitement and is sad near the ending of the book. The story is about this kid of about 12 years old named William. His parents split up so he goes over to his father?s house every weekend. His father gets engaged to this other woman a few weeks after his father and mother broke-up. He has a dog named Riley and his grandfather is dying very soon. One day the dog runs off to the barn next door and runs with a prized horse and an accident happens.

My favorite part of the book was when William first got out of school and got Riley, his dog. William only wanted to spend his summer with his dog, and then yet again something bad happened. This story reminds me when I was a child with my dog Max. He died about four years ago. I got my dog from my father too on the last day of school.

This book is very similar to many of the books that I have read in the past. As I read this book I felt sorry for the kid because he got a new dog and then he never sees him again. It made me wonder if he was ever going to get a dog again or even go near that ranch because it would make him feel sad. There is something very special or unique about this book. The kid has a step-mom father and a biological mother, and he never spends time with them.

I?d so recommend this book to anyone even if they don?t like animals. Every time I read this book I want to read it again and again. If you like to read then you have to read this sometime at the library or at home. William and Riley are the best characters and I wish that it was a real story and I could meet him in real life. I also like other books that Eve Bunting has written, it?s like they hook you into the books and you never want to stop reading!

Shane C.
is a student in
The Green Tigers