1 The Kid Who Ran For President

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The Kid Who Ran For President

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Yan T. (age 10)

The Kid Who Ran For President

This story is about a twelve year old kid who comes up with an idea. You've probably guessed what it is, but just in case you didn't guess, here it goes. Judson Moon comes up with a joke and the joke is that he is running for president (that's not such a funny joke). When Judson thinks about it a little more, he kind of thinks it's a good idea. With the help of Lane Brainard, who is his campaign manager, he will try to run for the highest office in the land.

I think this book is a real winner. I read this book right when Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore were running for president. This book is funny and exciting. It shows how a kid starts being serious and is on his way to The White House. I recommend this book to anyone really. Get out there and read The Kid Who Ran For President, because it is action packed, politician crazy, and just plain good.