1 The Music of Dolphins

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The Music of Dolphins

Written by Karen Hesse

Reviewed by Cindy S. (age 10)

The Music of Dolphins

There was once a mother and two children who were sent on a plane from a place called Cuba. The plane was lost at sea. However, the little girl survived and was raised by dolphins, until she was a teenager. Then, medical health specialists and researchers found her and called her Mila. The researchers taught Mila about expectations and broken promises. But did anyone ever think about what Mila wants? Doesn't Mila want to go back to her dolphin family? You go ahead and think about that. I think the author wants you to know that you need to respect and listen to everyone, even if they are different.

I liked the book very much because it's a good novel, a quick read, and I always wanted to know what she would do in the end: Live like a human, or go back to her dolphin family. Also, there is something very interesting that the author does with the writing. Mila keeps a diary that changes as she learns more language. I'm not going to tell you the secret, but you'll see about the unique writing. I highly suggest this book! Everyone will enjoy finding out what happens to the wild girl who was raised by dolphins.