1 Mattimeo

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Written by Brian Jaques

Reviewed by Collin L. (age 10)


Young Mattimeo, the mouse son of Matthias, the Redwall champion and warrior, has been captured by Slagar the Cruel, a masked fox who leads a band of bloodthirsty rats, stoats, and weasels. Along with some of his captured friends, the young mouse is led to the Kingdom of Malkaris, where he will have to work as a slave. Not all is lost. Mattimeo's father Matthias and some other Redwall fighters are out to rescue their young ones, and they have all sworn a deadly oath to slay Slagar when they find him.

I really enjoyed this book. Mattimeo is an excellent read, full of adventure, action and emotion. I recommend this book to people who like adventure and love a good novel. This book was always keeping me excited, so read it!