1 If The Dinosaurs Come Back

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If The Dinosaurs Come Back

Written by Bernard Most

Illustrated by Bernard Most

Reviewed by Joseph R. (age 9)

If The Dinosaurs Come Back

This book is about a little boy that liked dinosaurs and he dreamt about the dinosaurs coming back and helping people. The dinosaurs in his dream could scare the robbers away, they could help out in the circus act, they could take people to work, and they could help people paint houses. Some T-Rexes could even help cut down trees. People could also help dinosaurs by fixing their teeth. At the end of the story, people put leashes on the dinosaurs? necks and had them as pets.

I liked this book because I never knew about dinosaurs before, but now I know everything about them. I also liked the pictures in the book because they were colorful and the illustrator did a good job. I liked that the dinosaurs are so helpful to people. For example, they helped to take kites down from trees for kids. I also like the part in the book where the dinosaurs would come and scare the robbers away because we have robbers in New York City too.

I would recommend this book to people that want to learn more about dinosaurs because this book has a lot of useful information about them. I think that boys who dream about dinosaurs, who draw pictures about dinosaurs, and who collect dinosaur toys would also like this book, because it is about a boy who loves dinosaurs so much. I would recommend it to my Nana because she likes dinosaurs so much that she dreamed about them.