1 The Whipping Boy

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The Whipping Boy

Written by Sid Fleischman

Illustrated by Peter Sis

Reviewed by Stanley H. (age 10)

The Whipping Boy

This is a book about a boy named Jemmy. He is a whipping boy for Prince Brat. A whipping boy is someone that gets whipped whenever a prince does something wrong. That's why Jemmy hates Prince Brat, because Jemmy gets spanked all the time and Prince Brat just stands there and laughs. One day Prince Brat decides to escape from the castle and brings Jemmy with him. When they're out, they get captured by two cutthroats. Will they ever escape? Read the funny and adventurous story to find out.

I recommend this story to people who like adventure because it is action packed and has lots of sneakyness. This book has a few illustrations, but they look a bit old since they have no color. I liked the book because Jemmy is a brave kid and helps Prince Brat even though he doesn't like him. In the end Prince Brat becomes a good friend to Jemmy. My favorite part was when Jemmy was in the sewers and was trying to get away from the cutthroats. I liked that part because Jemmy was very careful and he had to think and plan his next move.