1 The Runaway Racehorse

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The Runaway Racehorse

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by M.L. (age 9)

The Runaway Racehorse

The Runaway Racehorse by Ron Roy is an interesting mystery. In the beginning, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose go to see Uncle Warren and Forest Evans. They want to see Whirlaway, Forest Evans's racehorse. While the kids are going to Forest Evans' farm, Forest Evans says that Whirlaway won every race he ever entered. Unfortunately, when the kids get to Larchmont, NY Whirlaway is gone! He is found very dirty in the rain; however, when Whirlaway enters the race at Saratoga Springs, he loses the race. Why is Whirlaway so slow, and is Whirlaway kicked out of the circle for good?

I felt curious as I read this book. I asked myself how could the mystery be solved? It seemed impossible. When Whirlaway took a picture with Sunny, he turned his head away. Why is Whirlaway not reacting with Sunny? He never acted like that before. Furthermore, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose think that Mr. Bunks switched the horses. Are they correct? They might be wrong you know.

My favorite character is Ruth Rose because she is very smart. One reason she is smart is that she is a fast who-dun-it solver. She knew that the criminal was Mr. Bunks immediately just by looking at two pictures. Also, she is never wrong, like when she thought the criminal was Mr. Bunks, and she was right. In addition, she is very observant. She looked at the two pictures knowing something was wrong with the winning horse's forehead.

This book is like another book I read called The Missing Mummy. In both stories something is stolen. In The Runaway Racehorse, Whirlaway was stolen. In The Missing Mummy, a child mummy was stolen. Another reason is that the main characters are in both stories. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are in both stories. In addition, both criminals in the stories are brought to justice. In the Runaway Racehorse, Mr. Bunks was arrested for switching the horses. In the Missing Mummy, Dr. Tweed and assistant was brought to jail because they stole the child mummy.

I recommend this book to children all ages. If you like a mystery with not too much humor, a great problem and solution, and lots of details, this is the book you've got to get your hands on! If you like Ron Roy's books, then you will love this book!