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Fire Kids

Written by Masayuki Yabuuchi

Reviewed by E.C. (age 9)

Fire Kids

Fire Kids By Karen Yoder is an amazing story. In the beginning of the story, JT met his friends T-bone, Stinky, and Mavarick in his tree house Hose Co. No. 2. They want to be firemen because their dad's are firemen. They are getting ready for a parade they'll be in, but the fire truck they painted got ruined. The parade is on the fourth of July, and there are only 4 days until the parade. Will JT and his friends find out what ruined their fire truck, and will they finish painting the truck before the fourth of July?

I enjoyed reading this book. One reason is because it was funny. When stinky found a siren he was so surprised!! It was interesting too. At the end of the book there were interesting fire signs. It was scary at the end because a bunch of smoke came out from a barn. There was a huge fire.

JT was an interesting character in the book. He is the leader of his friends and tells them what to do. He teaches his friends. He likes firefighters, and I do too. JT and I both want to save people from fires. JT is a good designer and builder. He built a fire truck. He's a great character to read about.

I enjoyed the illustrations in the book. One reason why I like the illustrations is because they have a lot of details. Another reason is because the pictures told me more about the story than the words. The last reason is because they weren't colorful so you can kind of imagine what colors they have. The pictures are really cool!!

I recommend this book to children who want to be firemen when they grow up. You can learn lots about firemen by reading this book. It tells you what materials to use when you're a fireman. If you want to be a fireman, read this book first.