1 Magic Tree House Dolphins at Daybreak

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Magic Tree House Dolphins at Daybreak

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by R.H. (age 9)

Magic Tree House Dolphins at Daybreak

Dolphins at Daybreak, by Mary Pope Osborne, is a great story. In the beginning, Jack and Annie need to solve a riddle. They go to the reef in a mini-sub to find the answer. The mini-sub has a crack on the ceiling, but they don't stop searching. They get into trouble when the mini-sub begins to fill up with water. Luckily, dolphins help them get back on land, but will Jack and Annie ever get home? Will they find the answer to the riddle?

I enjoyed reading this book. One reason why is because it made me feel like solving a riddle. I wanted to solve the mystery because it was fun. Another reason why I enjoyed reading this book is because it was funny. I laughed when Annie and the dolphins were kissing through the window on the mini-sub. Additionally, the story was very adventurous because they rode in a mini-sub. I enjoyed reading this book because it made me feel like solving a riddle, it was funny, and adventurous.

My favorite part of the book was when Jack and Annie rode on the dolphins. One reason why is because I love dolphins. Dolphins are cool because they are harmless and you can swim with them. This part was also my favorite because I thought that I might find out the answer to the riddle. I hoped I would because I would like to know the answer. Another reason why I liked that part is because it was exciting. It is exciting because riding dolphins sounds like a lot of fun. Jack and Annie had no shoes or socks on so their shoes wouldn't get wet. They moved quickly through the water. I'd really like to do that!

I enjoyed the illustrations in this book. One reason why is because they helped tell the story. They helped when I didn't understand some of the writing. Another reason why is because the cover was colorful. The cover was so colorful that it helped me get the main idea of the story without me even reading it! The pictures were creative. When the illustrator drew the water, he made it look real!

This book is for everyone in the world. It is funny and interesting. This book is good to read when you get bored. If you like or love dolphins, then you will definitely enjoy this book. Have fun reading this book everyone!