1 The Chocolate Touch

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The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene

Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by D.J. (age 9)

The Chocolate Touch

The Chocolate touch is a great story. John finds a coin, and he goes to the candy shop to buy a box of chocolate. When John opened the box of chocolate, he only found one piece in the chocolate box. He ate it. When he went to brush his teeth in the morning, the tooth paste turned to chocolate. He ate it all up. After, he ate breakfast, and his breakfast turned to chocolate too. Everything that John touched to his teeth turned to chocolate. Soon, John got sick of eating it. Will everything that John touches ever stop turning to chocolate?

I enjoyed reading this book. One reason is because it's funny. I laughed when the water turned to chocolate and it got all over Susan and John. It was also funny when John's pencil top turned to chocolate and he ate it. Additionally, it was sad when his mom turned to chocolate. I wondered what he was going to do.

John is an interesting character. One reason is because he has a special power. Also, he is funny because he ate his pencil top and his tooth paste. Another example of how John is interesting is he cares about his mother. He showed he was caring when his mom turned to chocolate, and he got her help. He's a great character.

My favorite part was when John's mom turned to chocolate because it was really interesting and funny. He went to get help, and something magical happend. His mom turned back to normal. John turned back to normal, too. It was sad when his mom turned to chocolate because it sounded really creepy, and I felt really bad for John and his mom. I liked this part the best!

I recomend this book to boys and girls who like interesting, sad, and funny stories. I think all boys and girls should read this book.