1 Thunderbirds Are Go!

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Thunderbirds Are Go!

Written by Catherine Anholt

Reviewed by V.C. (age 9)

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thunderbirds Are Go! is so interesting. The Tracy family, called the Thunderbirds, are on a mission because The Hood, the bad guys, are going to destroy their vehicles that save the world. The Hood tries to ride in the vehicles to rob a bank, but they can't move because the guidance processor is missing. When the Thunderbirds come to help, they all get trapped; however, Alan and his friends, Fermat and Tin-Tin, do not. Alan is the youngest of the Tracy family, but he is not a Thunderbird yet. Will Alan and his friends save his family , or will they get trapped too?

I enjoyed the pictures in this book. One reason, is that the pictures are realistic, because they are photographs. They are real people. Another reason I enjoyed the pictures is that they are very colorful. They have every warm colors. The last reason is that the pictures have lots of details. They have highlights and shadows.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting because it had a lot of details. Also this book had a really good problem and solution. The Hood was going to destroy the Thunderbirds, and that made me worry. Last, the book makes sense. It has a very good beginning, middle, and end.

The Thunderbirds were interesting characters in this book. They were important because they saved the day. Also, the Thunderbirds are secretive. They have a secret island called Tracy Island. They also have special vehicles to help them save the world. They are called Thunderbirds 1,2,3,4, and 5. The Thunderbirds are fascinating characters.

Kids who like adventures should read this book. Also, kids who like stories about the future should read this book. They should read this book because this book is about the future in 2065.