1 Mouse Paint

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Mouse Paint

Written by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Illustrated by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Reviewed by QB (age 6)

Mouse Paint

A few white mice found some jars of paint. They got into the paint because they thought it was paint for mice. Puddles of paint dripped off them and they danced in the puddles. Their feet mixed the paint and made different colors. When they were finished, they went into the cat bowl and washed off in the milk. Instead of painting themselves this time, they painted paper. They painted the paper red, yellow, orange and many other colors.

I really enjoy reading about mice and cats, so I liked reading this book. My favorite part was when the mice jumped into the paint. It was funny because they thought it was mouse paint. The pictures were very colorful and the book taught you how to mix colors. When I read the book, it made me think of my cat.

This is a nice book that teaches you how to mix red and yellow to make orange, blue and yellow to make green and blue and red to make purple. Boys and girls would like this book because it is a fun book about mice and cats. I know that lots of kids like mice.