1 Moosetache

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Written by Margie Palatini

Illustrated by Henry Cole

Reviewed by Emily E. (age 5)

I read "Moosetache." He has a really long mustache. He put it on his antlers and squirrels and chipmunks moved into his hair. He put his mustache like a ponytail but then he couldn't see. Then he meets a girl moose whose hair is all messy, so she glued her hair. He asked her to do his mustache so they put glue on it. At the end they get married and live happily ever after.

My favorite part was when they had babies, because I liked that they had long hair, too. My favorite character is the girl, because she has fancy hair and she helps the boy moose and then they get married. I liked the pictures in the book because they are funny and made me laugh.

I think my friend Natalie would like this book because she has long hair, too, just like the girl moose!

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth.)