1 Sheep in a Jeep

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Sheep in a Jeep

Written by Nancy Shaw

Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by BN (age 7)

This funny story is about a sheep adventure. There is one sheep driving a car, then many other sheep decided to jump in. There is one problem, the jeep doesn't work! They decided to get out and push, but it landed in the mud. After they pulled it up, then it fell in the mud again! As if this isn't enough, their jeep crashes into a tree! Do you think their jeep will ever get fixed?

This book was very funny because the sheep end up having so much trouble with the car. My favorite part was when the car went flying in the mud. The sheep in the book reminded me of my brother because he is always walking around with his scooter, or a wagon which all have wheels. I read this book before and that is why I chose it. I like to read books that I have read before. I found out that this book was easier for me to read.

There is something funny on every page, so I do recommend this book. My whole family would like this book because we are all related and we all like to read funny books.