1 Earrings!

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Written by Judith Viorst

Illustrated by Nola Langner Malone

Reviewed by Blair W. (age 8) & Alex M. (age 8)


"I want them! I need them! I love them! I've got to have them!" This book is about a girl who wanted earrings very bad! She kept begging her mom and dad a lot. Whenever the girl passes the jewelry store she asks her mom "Can I get earrings today?" Whenever she passes people all of them have their ears pierced. She will do anything to get her ears pierced. All of the girl's posters have girls with earrings on. All her magazines have girls with earrings on too. We noticed that there is a repeating part that goes: "I want them. I need them. I love them." Earrings is like the book "I Want a Dog" because May in "I Want a Dog" asked her parents, "Could I have a dog?", but they say no. In Earrings the girl asked her mom and dad, "Could I get my ears pierced?" But they say no.

We recommend this book because it connects to our lives because it reminded me (Blair) of when I would ask my mom and dad to get my ears pierced. It reminds me (Alex) of when I keep asking my parents for a play date. We like this book because it was funny when the girl kept on asking her parents, "Could I get my ears pierced?"

We think girls would like this book because they might want to get their ears pierced after they read this book.