1 Sit Still

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Sit Still

Written by Nancy Carlson

Illustrated by Nancy Carlson

Reviewed by Elio F. (age 7) & Bryant R. (age 10)

Sit Still

This book is about a kid named Patrick that moves a lot in a chair. He knew one hundred and one ways to sit in a chair. His mother took him to the doctor because he just couldn't sit still. When he got home his mother gave him jobs to help him get better. It worked. He reads a lot in church. He makes a lot of projects like spaceships and stars. He helped the crossing guard.

My favorite part is when Patrick and his dad go bowling (Elio). My favorite part is when he goes to church (Bryant) because he sings.

We like Patrick and the doctor. The illustrations are exciting. We like the book. We recommend the book to our family and friends and to and people who can't sit still.