1 The Purple Pussycat

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The Purple Pussycat

Written by Margaret Hillert

Illustrated by Krystyna Stasiak

Reviewed by Patricia D. (age 7) & Cayne S. (age 7)

The Purple Pussycat

This book is about a purple pussycat who can't sleep at night so he gets out of the house to take a walk in the woods.

We liked the book because we saw many animals that are awake at night. We saw rabbits, an owl, a mouse, a racoon, a possum and a skunk. The cat was lucky he was able to get out of the house to take a walking adventure. He was also lucky that he only met nice animals and not mean ones. Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep at bedtime and we wish we were able to go out for a walk like the purple pussycat.

If you want to see what animals are awake at night you should read this book. it might be a good book to read before you go to sleep at night. It might give you good dreams