1 Zack's Alligator

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Zack's Alligator

Written by Shirley Mozelle

Illustrated by James Watts

Reviewed by Joan P. (age 7)

Zack's Alligator

The book is about Zack getting a keychain with a little alligator on it. He got it from his Uncle Jim. When he put it in the sink it grew! He had fun with Bridget, the alligator, and then - shrink! - she was a keychain again. But Zack promised Bridget he would water her again.

I like Zack?s Alligator. My favorite part is when they went to the park. I like this part because when the alligator goes on the seesaw she falls down. It is funny when the alligator falls off the merry-go-round and she finds a small dog and calls it a fuzzy-wuzzy. My favorite picture is when the alligator is wrestling with a water hose. She thinks that it is a snake. I wonder what it would be like to ride an alligator like Zack did in the book.

I recommend Zack?s Alligator for all boys and girls . You will have lots of fun with this alligator!