1 The Polite Elephant

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The Polite Elephant

Written by Richard Sccary

Illustrated by Richard Scary

Reviewed by student in Group 1

Every one likes the polite elephant. He knows the right things to say and do. He hits his hat and says hello when he sees his friends. When the polite elephant waits for the bus, he takes his place in line he never pushes or shoves. The polite elephant is a good guest. He knows that some rooms are for seating and others for playing. Lastly, when it is time for the polite elephant to go home, he remembers to say good-bye to his friends.

I love this book because as big as the elephant was, he was very polite. This story should set an example for people that use their size to intimidate other people. I would like to recommend this book to my friend Big Joe. This story teaches that you can be very big and polite.