1 The Day in The life of a Carpenter

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The Day in The life of a Carpenter

Written by John Martin

Illustrated by Sarah wells

Reviewed by Jalyssa H. (age 12)

Have you thought about what it takes to be able to build something? The life of a carpenter surrounds the act of building something. The works of a carpenter involves building furniture and also fixing broken things like tables, chairs and wooden floors. While the act of carpentry is very technical, it involves others processes also, the process of understanding what the clients want. After the carpenter understands actually what the customers want, he has to then sketch a diagram to make an abstract image into a more concrete image.

The book reminds me of the many carpenters that came to my house to fix broken things. This book has given me so many ideas about the functions of a carpenter. The lesson that I have learned from the book is that carpenters are very important workers like lawyers or doctors because they all work hard to perform duties to satisfy their clients. I personally feel the book's illustrations are good because they show some very great pictorial images of the functions of a carpenter.

I will recommend this book to people that have an interest in carpentry.

Jalyssa H.
is a student in
Union Chapel